Human-like Disease and Clinic Endpoints

•    Phylogenetic close to human being: genetic, biology, anatomy, and physiology….
•    Human-like disease: pathophysiology, clinical manifestation, progression, and prognosis….
•    Human disease specific and relevant biomarkers: PSA, AFP, CRP, TNF-a…..
•    Human cross-reactive reagents: clinical labs, assay reagents, antibodies…
•    Clinical procedures: biopsy, imaging, drug administrations, and treatment
•    Clinical measurements: physiological monitoring, clinical scoring, blood tests, diagnosis, MRI, CT, X-Ray,

     ultrasonography, endoscopy….
•    Human disease modeling: major, rare, acute severe, genetic, and infectious diseases…
•    Human-like disease presentations: immunodeficiency, neurodeficit, irregular menstruation, metabolic disorders,

     hemorrhagic disorders, pulmonary insufficiency, and pain….
•    Primary and secondary indications: the anemia with rheumatoid arthritis, the hemorrhage with antithrombosis, the

     ablepsia with multiple sclerosis, the hematochezia with inflammatory bowel disease, the pain with endometriosis, 

     and the neurologic deficits with strokes…