Translational Studies

Drug discovery and target validation is often gapped by the preclinical development and early trials in current practice of drug development. This phased process is proved to be low efficient and costly at leveraging to reduce the risks of later phase trials. The NHP platform is a new milestone for the maturation of drug candidates and their therapeutic concepts by establishing directly clinical relevant evidence and empowering solider predictions before human trials.


 •  Biomarkers: multiple sampling at basal, early, onset, active, and progressive phases of the diseases

 •  Drug targets: drug-target specific interactions, on-target effects, off-target effects

 •  Clinical drug reference: clinical relevant doses, clinical approved mechanism of action, side-by-side comparison

 •  Drug mechanism of action: a set of evidence of target, molecular, cellular, organ, systemic, and molecular pathology

 •  Therapeutic profiling: systemic and inter-correlative data package of efficacy and dose effects in alignment with the PK,

     PD, ADME, safety, preliminary toxicity, and adverse effects

 •  Interventional therapy: device implantation, minimally invasive or atraumatic surgery, local treatment, imaging aided 

    intervention (DSA)…