NHP(monkey) disease models

Major advantages and specialties of NHP(monkey) disease models:

• Due to the close phylogenesis to human, NHP provides the best cross-reactivity to human for different physiological and disease conditions, such as aging, autoimmunity, inflammation, oncology, neurology, metabolism, and cardiovascular diseases.

• Translational research of lead compounds in NHP can be more predictable for the new drug profile while minimizing the risks of failure in later stages of drug development.

• Testing compounds in outbred NHP animals provide the data and results similar to treatments of clinical patients, and clinical relevant interventions and endpoints can be applied.

• NHP pharmacology requires much more specific experience in study design, comprehensive protocols and execution (training, dosing, sample collection, measurement, scoring, Vet care, termination, etc.)

• Plenty NHP inventories are accessible in China. NHP breeding, export, transport, and usage are well organized (including governmental regulations, AAALAC certifications, IACUC and welfare programs, etc.)

Values of NHP Pharmacology:

Retrospective view over the decades of post human genome research, a number of major pharmaceutical biotechnologies have been maturing to produce new medicines for treatment of different diseases, however, more or less hampered with critical bottlenecks, which resulted in the low efficiency in turnover and high cost in time and risk, on the way in their research and development. The NHP experimental models appear to be a powerful tool with the output of high translatability to human for solving these issues in nonclinical and clinical advancement. 

Pharmaceutical biotechnologies:

• Antibodies, recombinant proteins ,oligonucleotides, peptides, microRNA, biologic active molecule……

• Human target specific and human biologically specific

• Mechanism of action and proof of concept for therapeutics

• Profiles of therapeutic applications

• Human translatable data package of pharmacology, PK, PD, safety and preliminary Tox

NHP(monkey) disease models:

• The experimental animal systems most phylogenetically close to human

• High similarity with human in genome, function, regulation, biology, physiology and anatomy

• High similarity with human in disease, secondary disease, pathology, diagnosis and biomarkers

• Drug specific targets with cross-reactivity to human

• Human clinical measurements, endpoints, procedures, biomarkers and laboratory tests

• Human standard of care treatment, clinically relevant doses and dosing regimens

• Spontaneous and induced diseases

• Diseases at predisposition, pre-disease, onset, manifestation, progression and prognosis

• Translational nonclinical trials

• Adaptive clinical trials for critical disease and pediatric medicines

The NHP Platform of Pharmaceutical Industry’s Operation:

NHP pharmacology studies require far more complicated protocols and operation in comparison with the standard PK or Tox studies in monkeys. Prisys combines all key components and experience related from A to Z to enable the NHP pharmacology study services of high calipers to our clients:

• Pharmaceutical drug R&D

• Pharmacology of new drugging technologies

• NHP disease modeling and innovations

• Clinical medicine, surgery,  procedures and tests

• Industry standards of operation

• International animal welfare

• NHP expertise, SOPs, humanity protocol justification and veterinary

• Flexible study design and capabilities for diversified applications