• 082019-07
    How to reduce the odds of failure in late phase clinical trails

    05-Jul-2019 By Melissa Fassbender Improving the prognostic value of early phase data is among one of several ways to increase the probability of successes in drug development, a process which has become more expensive as failure rates have risen, says an...

  • 282019-02
    World’s first cloned monkeys born in China

    Originated from Daily SupChina, author: JEREMY GOLDKORN Original link: Researchers at the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Neuroscience announced that they have suc...

  • 282019-02
    Detection kit shows promise in liver cancer patients

    Original link: Author: Frances Kuo Liver cancer is one of the world’s deadliest cancers. And, it’s particularly common in China. Now, new technology could bring...

  • 112019-01
    The construction of Prisys Shanghai NHP R&D center has been officially launched

    The new facility, with over 4000 squre meters (43000 square feet) space in the plan, includes industry scale of study rooms, special equipped laboratories for disease modeling, surgical rooms, imaging center, long-term relaxation house, and ex vivo experimen...