Prisys Biotechnologies Co., Ltd.

Prisys is a CRO company, pioneering in non-human primate (NHP) pharmacology, to provide peri-clinical studies of new drug development. Prisys integrated its proprietary modeling expertise and rich pharmacology experience with top-equipped local clinical hospitals, enabling global pharmaceuticals to access the latest innovative approaches for more translatable and more efficient advancement of new therapeutics. With the huge unmet needs for more clinical relevance and predictions of human-target specific novel therapeutic strategies, Prisys has been continually developing different NHP models covering a number of key disease areas, including immunology (inflammation and autoimmunity), cardio-vascula, cerebro-vascula, hematology, hepatology, nephrology, pulmonology, OB-GYN, and nociception.

For more information please visit Website: http://www.prisysbiotech.com, or contact at info@prisysbiotech.com