Tens of millions of people are under various clinical trials for new medicines in the world, however, it is not beneficial to the most people recruited because of the high failure rate and controls existing in the trials. The mission of Prisys’ nonhuman primate pharmacology is to reduce the current worldwide deficit of drug R&D by establishment of the new milestone that is more scientifically describing the success of new drugs in human trial, eventually to improve the efficiency of advancement towards the beneficial of human health.


Our goal is from Non-Human Primate Clinic to Human Patient Clinic (from NHPC to HPC). We are welcome all collaborations from around the world to join the forefront of innovative NHP pharmacology. In the state-of-the-art NHP clinical center, Prisys provides not only standard commercial CRO services, but also the ultimately flexible arrangement of the collaborations for access to NHP resources, modeling technologies, disease specialty, translational research, and clinical capabilities, etc. to expediently translate NHP studies to their clinical applications.